Friday, February 24, 2006


It seems Google can not seem to decide what it should do about indexing blogs. Some time back when I typed my name and googled, my blogspot profile used to show up in the first 5 results. In the recent past I did a search again , this time how ever there was no information on the blog. Today the Blog information is back on again. What is happening...? Similar thing happening with my bank's site. The cache information of google is not consistent. Some time back it was showing the updated pages, but today it is displaying a much older cache ?

Can some one throw some light or is this a googly after all ?

Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Eye

The most captivating part of the movie for me was the start when the cast was shown. White screen, eerie music and hands groping about on the white screen. It totally hooked me on to the movie..

Sadly, I did not watch it alone at 2.00 am in the night with all lights off.

In my opinion I dont think The Eye was made with a view to scare people. It is chilling but not scary. Ya, there are ghosts and some gory scenes but it is not scary....(I think the scariest movies I have ever seen are The Shining and Dog Soldiers ). I had a friend, Avishek who watched the movie with me and going by his word, Naina is an exact copy of The Eye. The 22.2.7777.8.2.777.3.7777. !

Well made and I am glad I watched it. The music needs special mention. Not too present to interfere with the movie but yet strong enough to enhance the effect..

I was just thinking, three blogs in a day ( in an hour..), am I going overboard?

O s a m a : The Movie

This is a very depressing movie. Not a moment of happiness..Constant drudgery, leachery and pain.

While watching it, I sincerely wanted to believe that she will get a lot of strength, something good would happen to her, she will stand up and face the world like a brave girl, overpower her tormentors by grief and evoke sympathy and love.

Instead what was shown was reality. Am not too happy posting this one on my blog but I have made a commitment, so it is here......

V for Vendetta

I am totally hooked onto this one...There is only one person to thank...Thank you Tamal...( I think I have left enough links which connect me and Tamal and Rohan, so if there is ever a piracy raid....!!!) Anyway

This 380 page saga is captivating. After office I get down to reading this and go on till as much as 12.00 - 2.00 am, inspite of having office the next day. The art work is dark and graceful. The concept of a villainous hero though common it has a brilliant groundwork. It fascinates me.

I was trying to analyse my liking in comic books. I love Batman and I have a luke warm liking to Superman, Wolverine etc etc..I do not even remember the names...I think, I like heroes who become heroes. When the story involves a tragedy as the source of strength it seems to introduce a never ending tragic effort to achieve and set things right. The struggle to remedy the past along with the regular bad guy bashing probably add my oregano to the feast. This could be one reason why I might be liking V for Vendetta. Hmm....

I can only think of one exception to this, "Calvin & Hobbes"! Oh my God! Sometimes I do not believe how fortunate I am to have the entire collection in hard copy...! It is all safely kept in Calcutta...Nicely covered and all..ahhh...

Next blog coming very soon...

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Superman - For Tomorrow

Lately, I have hooked on to the Online comics given by Tamal. These are high quality reproductions of the originals which he mooched off from the net somewhere. They are irrestible , like you just cannot stop at one.
How ever when it comes to comics, a lot of times I feel handicapped. The comic world is wrapped in a lot of history and background. To appreciate it fully small nuances have to be remembered....

When I was reading Supermans's - For Tomorrow series I read all the volumes in one sitting. My problem was that I rushed through the pages and a lot of the story slipped by me. So expectedly there were a lot of times when I was groping in the dark to understand what is going on...
I guess this is the reason why people say - Too much of a good thing is bad. This has to be the reason why DC comes out with them one at a time.
Never the less it was an evening well spent. Some of the art work was awesome. Thanks Tamal.

Friday, February 10, 2006


Out of the films that Tamal has given me this is one film which I recall as a favourite. I think this film is more like a Japanese mainstream movie ( masala movie, in Bollywood terms ). Very smooth swordsmanship and it just excites me. I know some people will bash me up for making this comparison but this movie reminds me of Bruce Lee's perfection in martial arts.

I do not care who the director is or the actors are, I believe the film should stand by itself with out any big names backing it. Anyway, the theme of the movie reminds me another well made movie on similar lines - Blind Fury. If I am supposed to compare them, I would say Zatoichi is the better of the two. Maybe it is because a sword looks better in a Japanese flick. Do I hear some one say "The Last Samurai"? You were saying.....?

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


This is me from my camera in Mumbai at a restaurant called stomach...More animals to follow soon.