Monday, September 26, 2005

Batman Dead End...

Hi, its me again.

I am recovering from a severe bout of viral fever. Was away from office for almost a week. It was a welcome break ( anytime ) but it could have been spent in a better way!

After going through information posted on Tamal's blog I hunted down a link that would allow me to watch Batman Dead End. After the praise came the downfall.

The instant reaction to the film were memories of third rate Hollywood films, something like Terminator 8 or something. It is a movie which has absolutely no appeal, acting is no good (though I like the Joker bit) and as my good friend Rohan had mentioned only one scene is worth a mention, the one with the cape.
You must understand that I am not criticizing the low budget movie, I am admonishing the film. Being a low budget flick does not warrant a poetic charm or a soft review. Its like Batman is wearing cheap (pre-owned )latex. Blair witch did ok with shoe string budget.
In comparison to Batman, I could suggest another series of short films. BMW films. Short, classy, different and pulsating. I am sure producing them would have cost an A-bomb but it is worth it. Music is good, direction is awesome and the "hero" manages to create a fan out of me.
Tamal, I am sorry for you that superman will be featured in crimson. But face the fact, it is something that Superman is coming back in a movie. It would mean more money in the business, higher reach to people.

This is the same reason why I think Peter Jackson has done a good job. Not everyone will get down to read Tolkien, this way atleast some of his work is being made famous.


Saturday, September 24, 2005

Damn small world

I crave for days like these. How often have I hoped that I bump into some old college/school friends. These things dont happen just because we wish.

And when they do happen, it has the power to leave you speechless. I was at my mausi's place on Friday, recuperating from my illness, studying for the Oracle exam next day.

One of mausaji's cousin enters the room and greets mausi. I have a quick look and my mind sets racing. Some where it rings a bell that this face is not unfamiliar. My brain quickly scans about 50 faces unitl i get a 90% probability for a class mate from Christ College. You see, I had joined Christ College, Bangalore for MCA but then I quit it within a record 7 days. Not that I am proud of such a deed but circumstances were such that I had to do so..Anyway that is a long story...May be in some other post.

Mausi introduces and then things fall into place. Weird...very weird feeling. Seeing somebody in such an unexpected way in a such an unexpected location. I mean first of all I was in Mumbai not Bangalore, and then I was at Mausi's place and not my "dera", Andheri. I do not know how many times I must have said - Damn Small World...

Come to think of it I had spotted another acquaintence while I was in SPJIMR. He was doing the FMB course there. But I just didnt feel like talking to him. I have always harbored this feeling that when people meet old friends/classmates the first reaction is to shy away ( unless the opposite person is now a gorgeous chick!). It is a very funny thing. I know I feel it, do other people too feel it ?


Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Simply Fly

I booked my first online ticket today. Flight from Calcutta - Mumbai for 2500 on Air Deccan.

I was very happy and satisfied with the way the online booking was executed. Clean hassle free selection of dates, flight and origin/destination. Payment through ICICI Debit Card ( I thought I would have forgotten my internet banking password ) and the best part - Instant Ticket! I printed my ticket after the transaction was over. So simple. No brokers, no ticket delivery people, no nothing!
This has been one smooth experience.
Truly Simply Fly...

( I had actually written quite a long post, but before I could publish it the connection snapped...Oh i didnt want to write out the whole thing again)


Tuesday, September 13, 2005


My PGDIT convocation took place on the 10th of September, finally !! Earlier it was washed due to the infamous Mumbai rains. This time too, it nearly didnt happen.

Anyway my parents had come from all the way to Calcutta and my bro Anant had come from Surathkal. Boy, did he have a rough journey in the bus.

I am glad the convocation went well. The speech given by the chief guest was so totally boring and out of context as well but it was made up by the next professor who was from Virginia Polytechnic (or something like that). I felt proud receiving the First rank medal and I cannot describe what my parents must have felt when they heard their son's name being announced in the auditorium. ( Hmm...may be I should have asked for a reward or something from them :) )

I so bungled up the speech. There was this whole thing about who would give the speech and in the end I thought that I would not give a speech and then my name was called to give one. Mausaji says the "Speech" was heart felt, but that is only a nice way to put it.
Those who know me, will find me in the photo!