Saturday, May 05, 2007

My new love - Pearls Before Swine

You know what is the best part of working...You get paid!! :-)
I have been doing some spending.....After I completed my Calvin and Hobbes collection, I thought - this is it..I am not going to like any other funnies....Thankfully it is not so.

There is still a lot of sarcastic humor left (if that kind was ever in short supply!). Pearls Before Swine - by Stephan Pastis..I find his humor good and interesting..

His drawing style is simpler to Bill Watterson, his language is however one up. I guess he specializes in twisting popular phrases and sayings. His characters are straight(pun intended) and simple - Pig, Rat, Goat and Zebra with a couple of friendly crocodile neighbors thrown in...

I already have three books (1. This little Piggy Stayed home 2. Nighthogs 3. The Ratvolution will not be televised - from his collection...and am having three more delivered..oh boy life is sweet...

Taj through my lens


Had been to Agra recently while on a trip to Vrindavan. One good thing is that there is a 1 km embargo around the Taj which allows only non polluting vehicles to come within the 1 km range. It may be too little too late. I couldnt help but notice that our national heritage had blackened considerably since the last time I saw..Any way, I had my digi cam and could not help but take some snaps....Some turned out ok, some I liked a lot..Have posted two of them here. The third one is exceptional...It is of a couple visiting the macabre. What amazes me is the expression on their faces....