Thursday, July 15, 2010

Small Miracles!

Small miracles! We three brothers - Me, Anant and Anupam went bowling in Kolkata after a long time...In the first game itself Anant scored three strikes in a row in the first game. In the second game I performed the same miracle...! Wow...

Living in Kolkata

I think this picture defines Kolkata for me..sadly....its a group of men passing in front of my building shouting slogans, in essence - "cholbe na and korte hobe". I dont get it...What will not do and what needs to be done...!

I am disappointed at being in Kolkata, I find it depressing. Could this be because I am not studying here and have relatively nothing to do ? I like the fact that I am with my parents here and Chandni and that I am able to play huge amount of TT but overall I find a sense of prolonged gloom in this city...Anyways on to Toronto...!