Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Blind Side

Finding Forrester, To Sir with Love, October Sky and now I think The Blind Side. Fantastic film. There is something delicate about a struggling student story and it chokes me up totally when I see something great happening on screen.

Sandra Bullock plays her part perfectly as the care giver in the movie. There is a certain resolve in her eyes which comes through brilliantly. Another interesting character was Michael Ower's younger brother. Totally awesome outlook. Must watch.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A new blog

I have always had a fascination with ads and I remember some time back talking about doing something about it. Well I have done something about it. Stuff happens, they need to be reported.
I have created a new blog - Lets see, if I can do justice to this new venture.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Signs of aging

Was attending a guest lecture from a Ms. Shira Abel-Shvo at Schulich India. The topic of the lecture was quite offbeat (from my initial perspective) - Social Media.

I am guessing that every one will be able to figure out the content of the presentation but the reason why I am writing this blog is the revelation which I had about my increasing experience level...!

I was attending a lecture about how to network on the digital media...Facebook - linkedin - twitter - friendfeed - blogs etc. I was transported 30 years back in time, sometime in the early 1980s, when managers would have been put in a similar room and introduced to the Personal Computer.

I think social networking is a hard thing for the people of my generation to adapt to but for a couple of generations below me, it will be second nature. I would be very surprised if it is not. The tools may change, but the idea will be around for sure...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A different spin on Digital Piracy

There is a whole generation of young and middle aged people who have got used to enjoy things for free. Software, latest music and movies. Companies and governments around the globe are going crazy in developing technology and regulations to stem the growth. Pressure is being exerted on Internet service providers to filter sites or report on their clients. Individual pirators are being sued and made example of. And lets not forget about the attempts of the media to demonize roadside DVD pirators in India by linking them to Dawood Ibrahim's gang. ( I personally think that there is some truth in the last point)

While all this is being done, I am compelled to think of an immensely positive development with the spread of piracy. With the advent of piracy, the market size of these digital products has grown immensely. Why am I saying so ? I dont have numbers with me ( my Schulich professors would insist on getting some though) but when I meet people on the street having internet access- they listen to the latest music from Bollywood, watch latest Hollywood and Bollywood flicks. 95% of them are not paying for it. Data is being downloaded day and night, aided by the packages of ISPs (Internet Service Providers) like - Unlimited download for a month for Rs 999 only.

Every one knows what we are going to do with unlimited download but the industry is not doing anything about it. Its like with the introduction of VCR after the VHS on which you could record stuff off the television. Its like introduction of the cassette recorder where the purpose was to record voice, but it was usually used to create mixed tapes from CDs- fuelling countless love stories !

The previous paragraph was a slight digression from my main topic...Anyways, imagine the day when we are able to control piracy...When we are able to change the mentality of the people to make them voluntarily pay for digital entertainment...That day, these media companies will discover an expanded market, ready for consumption, beyond their expectations.

What piracy has done is that it has hooked the people on the culture of consuming. The "free but illegal" hook has jump started countless people to get on the cheap entertainment bandwagon. I have a strong feeling that when the free tap is turned off, people will still need their daily fix of entertainment. And thats when the cash cow will start mooing...