Saturday, August 19, 2006

My Musical Genome

Ok Rohan,
Admit it..This blog title has you interested..

I have found a source of endless music on the Internet - This site was introduced to me by a colleague of mine - Neel. ( as in neal and nikki...).

Very interesting concept.

Often you like a piece of music and listen to it like two hundred times..but then what .. ? Dont you feel the need to listen to something like what you have just heard? Sure you could buy the album or ask your friends around who will help you out with their limited knowledge on more of such kind...

Now figure this, can you tell me one reason why the radio is so popular? My personal opinion is that because the radio plays music on an endless shuffle mode. The surprise of randomness is what makes the radio so popular - though the chances of listening to himesh chamiya ..sorry! every second song is very very high......

The only problem with radio is that it caters to a very large audience and is forced to play popular music - imagine in a city like mumbai with 6 active radio stations only one of them plays angrezi geet, AIR (so dont go blowing up All India Radio base stations just yet, pls)..So you are forced to listen to sub standard stuff in the hope that something good trots along.. is a project intitiated by musicians. Here you specify a song / artist which u like a lot. Based on the analysis of the first song played by Pandora, the next song is automatically selected from a huge pool of songs...this goes on....each song that Pandora selects, you get to vote if the song is to your liking or not...based on your input, the next song is selected. Very interesting.

Do not treat this as a station which plays your requests online. It strives to play your kind of music and retains the random nature of the radio. Take my advice and give it a shot.


Monday, August 14, 2006

Travelling First Class

I dont know what to write on the bomb blasts.

Should I mention the inhuman targetting of packed locals or should I laud the spirit of Mumbai for getting back on its Tracks the very next day. ( I know i took the first class compartment on 12th July 2006).

Should I talk about the intelligence failure or the bravado of the people living in chawls and slums near the station area who helped the injured risking their own lives?

Should I mention the fact that the two minute silence observed in mumbai at 6.34pm (along with the PM) was actually incorrect as I remember receiving the first information of the blast at 6.20 pm?

May be I should mention how comfortable travel was for a week in the 1st class compartment after the bomb blasts.

I am sure that the newspapers did a lot of selling and airtime on news channels would have been on a premium.

Targetting only first class compartments - what am i to make of it ? Is it a sign that the "upper" class is being targetted or should I take solace in the fact that it is probably easier to plant a bomb and escape more easily in a first class compartment ?

I really do not know what to write. May be a lot of time has passed since the blasts and this post. I guess this also goes to show something about the nature of distant past and the strength of public memory.

Issues are abundant...