Friday, March 03, 2006

The Unthinkable - 21 grams

No baba...not the movie...I have done something unthinkable
Rather the unthinkable has happened to me...( umm well, happened to me again...). I was watching 21 grams on Star Movies. The flick started at 11.00pm (as a part of Oscar mania) and despite my initial disinterest I watched it. This was mainly because I wanted to see what was in the movie. I kept on till 12.30pm and I knew about half an hour was left when I decided enough, I need to go to sleep....This maybe ok with some normal people, but not me. I chose to sleep over an unfinished movie ????
I have seen as many as 7 full length feature films in one day ( on vcd ) and Insha Allah I will better this record in days to come...( Ah...a blissful thought). But this attitude of mine has come as a surprise. Was it that the movie had become just too boring ?
Help...I do not want my interest in movies to wane!!!