Sunday, August 15, 2010

Have you been using Windows as well ?

You have probably heard a lot of things which Microsoft does that are not exactly approved by the masses, but are you really bothered by them ? I mean, if IE comes preloaded in Windows and not with Google Chrome or Firefox I do not care personally. I can pretty much download Chrome and start using it.

Then there are those few things which start bugging you. You are the admin of the laptop and even you do not have access to some folders. I agree, system files hence probably in some weird imagination Access Denied.

So far, it is livable. But Windows really gets to me when it comes to installing updates. First every time you connect to the internet there are some updates waiting for you - as if I have won a lottery and am privileged with them updates. These are essentially fixes for goof ups that Microsoft could not iron out and now is attempting them in parts. Had it been something actually beneficial it would definitely not be available as a free update!

The point that really psyches me out is that Microsoft has the temerity to assume control of my PC and do an automatic restart of Windows so that its updates are installed correctly. I mean, what gives it the confidence that if the user has not specifically authorized a restart of the OS, it should just go ahead and assume it within a 5 minute countdown ? I could have programs open and some unsaved work.

Well to hell with them says Microsoft, we need to get that update fixed!

I wonder if this kind of programming talks about the mindset of a company which has held a death grip on the software industry. I have never used a Mac but I doubt whether its users have a similar gripe.