Thursday, January 01, 2009

Acknowledge the Pioneer.

The new Nokia 5800 is coming..SMS Touch to 55555 to prebook..Sure..looks great, slick advertising....Hey wait, there is this Sony Ericsson's Xperia or something...Then there is the ridiculous sound LG 10000...As if the name was making up for something. 

One thing is for sure that the market for iPhones has suddenly turned very competitive..But did you notice the one thing that these phones have in common..They are all iPhones wannabes. Sure some of them are much improved over the iPhone's offering. But the concept of touch..Nokia seems to advertise like it invented it..Lg is promoting it through a butterfly followed by a really cheesy couple who seem to revolve around the phone. 

Samsung and Sony Ericsson are doing something a little original..

What I expect is really a little gratitude to Apple from these companies for heralding in the future.