Friday, July 25, 2008

Support for Aamir Khan on shunning Indian Awards

Till some time back I used to agree with Aamir Khan on not taking part in the award functions of the Indian Film Industry (except the National Awards) because it is a farce. Now I support his views and more.

Punkaj Kapoor has done a brilliant piece of acting in the small but much celebrated film - The Blue Umbrella. He pulls off the role of the village baniya effortlessly and delivers a mind blowing performance. Apart from his facial expressions, body language - his dialogue delivery and more importantly his accent - thrilled me. He has a certain quality of speaking through his eyes ( which you may have noticed in Maqbool), which is continued in this feature film as well..Now, I think I am veering off topic here.

I was talking about the awards...So what does the film industry do, they bestow upon him the best villain award...This was disastrous. When Punkaj Kapoor went on stage, he himself said that he didnt know why he was being given that award as the role was not villainous. I agree with him..There is no label which you could give to the role, may be an award for outstanding acting would be more like it - but instead his character was given the best villain award.

I saw the film and almost felt the frustration Punkaj Kapoor may have had experienced on the stage, receiving the award. So I recommend that you watch the filmfare for all the latka and jhatka they do but switch to your fav saas bahu saga as soon as the actual award ceremony begins.

Thursday, July 03, 2008


Very often people ask my opinion on having a pet. Most of the time I reply back with what ever I feel at that point in time. The opinion that I maintain is that I do not want to have pets. People would construe it as that Aditya does not like pets.
This infact is not true. To be honest, I love dogs. The bigger the better. Absolutely adorable creatures. Their love is unconditional and all they ask from you is a little attention and a place in your life. Everything about dogs is great. Right from the time puppy time to adolescence to an adult....Well I guess not everything.
Life is complicated. There are hazaar things and relationships which have been thrust upon you right fron birth. You are expected to honour and reciprocate the love showered upon you....There are some relationships which are there by default - parents, siblings, grandparents, maternal side uncle aunts, paternal side uncle aunts and there are some which you end up making - spouse, children, grandchildren ( the last one is not really under your control, but its your doing)...In such a situation I feel why should I complicate my further by adding another relationship....
A canine is extended family...He is happy when you are happy and sad when you are sad. The vice versa is also true....The pain however of losing him is what keeps me from keeping one....The average age of a dog is about 1/6th of a human lifetime or 1/5th in some cases...There will be a situation when you can do nothing and your dog will pass on due to old age...The pain i think equates with one that of losing your offspring. I dont have kids yet, but I think the degree of pain would be in the same region...This certainity of pain keeps me away from owning a dog.

When ever I meet people who have a dog, I really love going to their house and I try to play and be friendly with the dog as much as possible....But almost every time I think about the worst case situation.....