Thursday, February 01, 2007

Green Street Hooligans

so...what does this title make you think..? I was completely blank when I watched this movie. Hence I enjoyed it so much...

Well, you pretty much guessed it - I am going to let it be that way for you as well.

Cant help but tell you

1. This is not your regular film ( thats pretty easy, or it would not have been on my blog)

2. The blood shown is pretty real and the fights are not done by stunt men...

I think I have spoken enough....Enjoy this one with a twist.

Lord of War

Nicolas Cage delivers a powerful performance in this battle crazy feature film. Nicolas Cage is an arms dealer who supplies to all high and low with the luxury of having no conscience.

The film is not gory and does not have the in your face documentary charm, inspite of dealing with a subject so controversial. RUF, blood diamonds, massacres, dictators - you can imagine it. I cannot help but compare this with Blood Diamonds......and if you liked Blood Diamond, oh my - will you be blown by this piece of work.

What really works for me is the so suttle display of guilt and emotion worked into the parts of the movie. Thought provoker and oh yes, a must watch!