Monday, November 20, 2006

Contemplating an Idea

Its been long since I have updated my blog. I guess since the time my laptop was stolen I never mustered up the zeal to write a blog. ( Yes, there was a robbery at my place and no i do not wish to write about it at all)

My marriage date is nearing its final countdown ... I think I will go cuckoo when the countdown reaches single digits ( No, this blog is not about that either)

For a long time, I have had an avid interest in the advertisement business. I view ads very critically and try and judge the impact of an ad on the consumer market. Even at work I cannot help but interfere with the marketing team, it just excites me. So I have been thinking about it and wondering. Maybe I should have a blog that talks about the various ads in the market (obviously I will write about those ads which are worth a mention). These could be print, tv or even radio.
There is one problem which I am facing when I consider the possibility of this site. I want to put up the ads on the website so that my readers can experience the ad first time. Sourcing material would be real tough. The best option which comes to my mind is TV grabs and online adaptations of successful offline campaigns, but in this process I feel I would be spending more time collecting the ads than commenting on them.

What are your thoughts?