Thursday, September 21, 2006

R e q u i e m for a DREAM

Cult movie. Brilliant music. Let me tell you who all have poached music from this film - Joan of Arc - The Messenger, 1 Hour Photos and even Lord of the Rings (they copied the music in a trailer). I have heard this in an album, the song being called - Zoo York. I have always liked this particular song.. I saw the trailer of Joan of Arc a number of times just to listen to the music over and over again.

Think about the title of the movie. Look up what "requiem" means. I am sold on the title itself. Something similar to Trainspotting - another cult movie...

Watch them both.....(this blog was posted when i was watching the movie...)

Now that i have finished watching it..

1. My facts were all wrong - this was released in 2000...that means this does not have an original score.
Second - Do not watch this movie...Too depressing..(end of blog)

Friday, September 08, 2006

About Jay

I should have known Jay from school (BHS) but as fate has it we met at MSR Boys Home in nimma Bangaluru...I very clearly recollect the day when I first met him outside the (no gates in MSR that time) hostel. I think he was moving in with his luggage with a relative's help. I was in one of those chirpy irritating moods, where I would give gyaan for no good cause and then feel good about it. I think I tried the same stunt with Jay as well, telling him which room to take and all..Its funny how best friends meet...

Uske baad, our friendship grew organically...(Not like today's companies, which believe in acquistions of the overseas kind)....Long talks on varied subjects and long walks along different paths...Few things came out pretty quickly...Jay was very well read and had immense compassion about his convictions. An avid reader of India Today, I dont think he has ever missed an issue since may be class 7 or 8....This fact I realised Jay, when you discussed the Shah Bano case with me.

Being in his company has always been a treat...Not to mention you would get to meet all kinds of strange earthlings (that you never knew existed)..He has the uncanny ability to see through people and understand their DNA. Even in a poorly managed college Ramaiah, he formed a circle of friends that till today stand by him. I know how difficult a task this is, knowing how poor
my social skills are (my pathetic attempts at Orkut are not worth a mention..!)..

When he found his life partner, he stood by her and his decision. I know life was not easy for him at his home and his better half's home due to this "arrangement". Not to mention all the people who kept falling all over the place over him. Its not quite difficult to ignore all these people who admire you when you have such a committed relationship, but what is impressive is not letting all that attention get into your head. I really never doubted that Jay cared a damn about them...

Due to lack of time and not lack of content, i have got to wrap it up here.....

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

All round cricket

Cricket is said to be an allrounder's game. This was perfectly exemplefied in the match between England & Pakistan courtsey Heir.

Hair, out of prejudice slapped on a ball tampering charge on Pakistan. The ball was 18 overs (some papers say 55 overs) old and had begun to reverse swing, which is not very out of the ordinary. He had on very shaky grounds slapped the fine. The number of runs was not really an issue (5, in case u were wondering) but the slander of ball tampering is too great for a team to take sitting down. I dont know what the rule book says, but a 5 run penalty for ball tampering is too small. Its like a 250 rupee fine for 100 crore ghotala. If ball tampering is found, then it should be actioned upon immediately and severely.

Pakistan on the other hand is a different story altogether. In the spirit of the game they should have continued to play and put up a show for the paid public. They did manage to make a show of the whole affair. I am not against protesting, but drastic steps taken to prove an unnecessary point are not needed. They could have worn black armbands - worn their t-shirts inside out, I dont know something, but not this. From their action on television it seems they were not sure of their decision. When the umpires and the batsman came out, they didnt go....Why did they have to go out later ? Do they expect the umpires to tow their line on field? This is not done...

The following is a little sensitive and people are advised to read it with a pinch of salt.
I am forced to consider the idea - Would any other team, say India have done the same thing if faced with a similar situation? I would think not. I think Pakistan had to prove their point and the only way they thought they could do so if they made a lot of unnecessary noise about it. Could this be because they feel they were targetted and had to umm..."strike" back harder ? I know this blog reeks of racism, but I could not help putting it up...