Friday, December 30, 2005

The Godfather

I had picked this book out of sheer boredom. There was nothing else to do and I thought why not try it. I had got this book for a friend as he had gone crazy for books by Mario Puzo. Anyway I picked up this book with mixed feelings. I mean I have seen the movie atleast 3 times ( and this was a well made movie). What could the book possibly offer ?
But I was stunned to read the book. Page after page just floated by and I had to fight myself to not to read it. The finesse of presenting the various characters is too much to be portrayed on the silver screen. In fact a part of me believes that I enjoyed the book more because I saw the movie. There were many characters who had to be clipped off/ given shorter roles due to Cinematic restrictions. In the book they play a far more important role. They bring out the depth in the Don's thinking and far sightedness. One such character which was underplayed was "Jhonny Fontane".
I am glad I read the book and I am thinking if I should start The Sicilian or Fools Die. Thanks to Abhishek!
By the way Rohan, I see some hope for me reading the Trilogy. Especially now that I have discovered the joys of reading a brilliant book after seeing a well made movie made on it.

Friday, December 23, 2005

We are an inspired lot

It seems that Bollywood cinema is doomed, or rather the people watching them. The common man is being duped and he does not even seem to care. People are making rip-offs like there was no tomorrow.

Starting from the movie which is yet to be released, Holiday....Oh my God! Is there no sanctity in this world....Two words : Dirty Dancing. The trailers are so suggestive...The dance sequences, the "holiday" mood. Thankfully, they didnt copy the name and keep it something like "Ganda naach" or something.

Next in line : Bluffmaster. This high ticket movie is a rip from The Game (starring Micheal Douglas). Though I must admit that it is a well made one. They have not copied every byte from the original and have tried to innovate.

This one is something so outrageous, that i am just gonna mention the name and the source. You detectives can think up the matter. Deewane hue Paagal - There is something about Mary.
I didnt like Something about Mary, dont like Farley Brothers' ( or some duo ) style. This movie inspite of having a class actor like Paresh Rawal has just debased itself.
Man, how does Kareena go for a loser like Shahid kapoor.

I was duped into thinking that Home Delivery was going to be a copy from Hitch but it was thankfully not so. But the movie was pathetic anyway.

Sarkar was something different. What I like about the movie is that, Ramu acknowledges that it is an inspiration from The Godfather, and that this was his tribute to him. This is acceptable. He is letting the people know.

There is some respite. Movies like Kalyug also exist which was based on the big bad world of Porn industry. The movie was not about sex or erotic art etc, but had presented the topic very tastefully. Interestingly "neal n nikki" had more skin on screen than visible on a cow. What was Kajol's sister thinking..

I bet it would have crossed your mind...Who is this guy who has watched all these useless movies..Man tell me about it!