Sunday, November 06, 2005

One night @ the Call Center

This one is a must avoid book. Crappy to the core. I have read it and now I know that I have wasted Rs 95. Well to be honest, this is the first book I have which has been signed by the author, so there was a certain charm in reading it. But that is it. His presentation style is very dry, I didnt find any realism in his writing. May be Tamal can comment on this better. But I still feel that the book was written with nothing specific in mind. It was easy to follow "Five point some one". But not a single part of the writing style has been carried forward. I do not mean to say that an author should stick to a particular style of writing but this book does nothing for the reader. Just to be sure, before I trashed this book, I had asked for feedbacks from friends of mine. End result - Bad book. One book ( signed by author) available for sale - Please contact blog owner!